Видеоуроки - Работа с программой подбора

Design Simulator

Check .NET Framework 2.0 in your computer (Only required for Windows XP)

Set up .NET Framework 2.0 (if it's not installed in your computer)

Start up Design Simulator (for the 1st time & from the 2nd time)

Help function (how to view PDF manual)


Check your Design Simulator software's version & licence


Open "Preference" window, select each tab and save changes


(a) Unit setting (Temperature & Capacity)


(b) Unit setting (Length & Piping diamter)


(c) Unit setting (Dimensions & Weight)


(d) Design of air flow static pressure (for duct type units)


Language setting


Modify selected words


Brand setting


Naming setting (how to change default name of indoor or outdoor units)


Change default output folder name & e-Mail address


User options (register additional items for whole project)


User options (register additional items for each refrigerant system)


Import & Export of User options


Modify header of output report


Check your software version & Auto update (when necessary)


Notification message of your current software version's expire


Create a new project (from main screen & menu bar)

Save the project & Open the project (from main screen & menu bar)

Input detailed information of the project

Select User options of whole project (additional items registered with "Tool")

Choose series (VRF, J, etc)

Display indoor unit list and view details of each indoor unit

Add new indoor unit and input conditions

(a)Selection only by Cooling capacity or Heating capacity

(b)Manual selection of indoor unit model

(c)Input required air flow and external static pressure (for duct type units)

(d)Select optional parts

Modify indoor unit (select one indoor unit or multiple indoor units)

Copy indoor unit (select one indoor unit or multiple indoor units)

Delete indoor unit (select one indoor unit or multiple indoor units)

 How to select multiple indoor units (with "Ctrl" key, "Shift" key or Mouse dragging)

Display outdoor unit list and view details of each outdoor unit

Add new outdoor unit and input conditions & Connect indoor units

Manual selection of outdoor unit model

Modify outdoor unit

Copy outdoor unit

Delete outdoor unit

Display piping diamgram of each refrigerant system

Add header of piping

Combine indoor units' piping with separation tube (and cascade combination)

Change indoor units' order in diagram

Delete header & Release combination of indoor units' piping

Undo and Redo & Reset

Set pipe length & View actual and total piping length, additional refrigerant amount

Change pipe length & Reset all length of all pipes


Display wiring diagram of each refrigerant system

Protect data of each refrigerant system from being modified *common with Piping

Create RC group (Remote Controller group)

 (a) Delete remote controller

 (b) Add new remote controller


Delete RC group

Undo and Redo & Reset

Select optional parts

Select User options of each refrigerant system (additional items registered with "Tool")

Auto address setting

Display controller list & Auto calculate necessary qty. and Manual input of qty.

Auto calculate necessary qty of Signal Amplifier


Display report lists of whole series or each refrigerant system

Report output - Selection of output folder and save the report of the series

 (a) Select contents of output report (document, list data and diagram)

 (b) File types of output report (rtf, csv and dxf)

 (c) Output and open CAD data of indoor and outdoor units